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¿Do you know your emotions?

Let's talk about our emotions. But to be a bit more specific, let's talk about the raw and uncensored emotions we often feel. You know the kind, right? Those feelings we don't want to feel because they are hard and uncomfortable. They just makes us feel even worse!

I consider myself a true believer of the importance of valuing the lessons we face in life. If you were to ask the people that know me, I think they would say I like to go straight to the source and fix the problem. I don't like to make assumptions that can hurt me even more.

From personal experience I can tell you that when I don't stop myself in my tracks and notice what I'm doing, life keeps presenting situations for me to "learn the lesson". And oh boy do they suck! (some of them). This is precisely the reason why I choose to face those uncomfortable moments as a great source for personal growth.

This is the reason why it's important to identify and recognize our emotions when they appear.

What emotions feel more intense and when do you feel them?

We all have emotional triggers. It can be something as ordinary as a song playing that brings you the biggest sorrow or the greatest joy. A lot of us have been triggered by an "innocent" comment which makes us react in unusual ways. For me, my go to reaction is crying. I think crying has a way of cleansing those harsh emotions. Whatever your reaction is, the point is we all have our own triggers and it's important we pay attention and recognize them.

Your ability to grow and rise after a fall depends on you figuring out these emotions and triggers. True healing comes from understanding your inner self. Where do you need to put extra attention? What do you need to look, study, learn, improve or eliminate from your heart and mind?

Nevertheless, for many of us this is an unknown path. We tend to pile our emotions deep inside our soul where we think will never hurt us again. But for what we experience in life, that which hurts us that's hidden will always find a way to come out.

Have you experienced feeling sick for no apparent reason?

Do you sometimes overreact to situations and feel like you cannot control it?

The root of this might be those hidden negative emotions you don't want to feel.

The mind - body relationship is unerring. So let's start paying attention to our body's signals. I have come across some very interesting scientific research on how the lack of positive emotions in a person affect the ability of viruses to establish successful infections in the body. WOW! Imagine that! The power of our emotions.

Other articles mention how through positive intention and our energy we can impact and alter cellular processes and our DNA. There is plenty information out there, these are only a couple of examples.

I encourage you to search for the right technique for you, the one that fits your needs and gives you the true peace that you deserve in those moments of difficult emotions. Learn to know your true self and I bet you it will blow your mind.

Here's the link to one of my recent favorite videos on YouTube on the importance of our breath:

See you in the next post!

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