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"Green" Ocean Fishing

I recently stumble upon this perfect example of someone using natural resources in an intelligent and powerful way. Meet fisherman Bren Smith, owner of Thimble Island Oyster Co. A 3D ocean farm dedicated to growing shellfish, seaweed and other species. The idea behind 3D ocean farming is using the entire water column to grow different species like mussels, scallops and kelp.

Here's a quick view on the 3D Ocean Farm Model:

This model shows that sustainability can be used in an approachable and economically feasible way. The concept behind it is to grow sustainable seafood, restore aquatic ecosystems, mitigate climate change through carbon dioxide capture and create a new blue-green economy.

What are other benefits of the Thimble Island Oyster Co. 3D Ocean Farm:

  • Their kelp absorbs five times more carbon than land-based plants.

  • The farm gear also functions as a storm surge protector, reducing the impact of storms on shoreline communities.

  • Kelp and oysters absorb up to 164 kg of nitrogen per year (an element vital for restoring water quality).

  • They turn their kelp into liquid fertilizer for the Yale Sustainable Food Project in order to reduce nitrogen run-off from land-based farming.

  • The farm doubles as an artificial reef, attracting 150 species that come to hide, eat, and thrive.

If you'd like to learn more about this amazing company please watch this video:

Or visit their website: https://www.thimbleislandoceanfarm.com

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