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Improving your ecological footprint

A couple of weeks ago I went to a vegan festival in town where people got together to promote the culture and eat delicious vegan food prepared by the locals.

Photo by DB.

I loved it! It was my second time attending and this time around I went all out. I brought my reusable bag and even my own containers. I was so proud of myself, LOL!. I was pleasantly surprised to see more people this time around and also more food choices.

I am always happy to stumble upon posts on social media inviting people to go to these kind of events. It makes me happy because not too long ago you could never find something like that in the city. Or if you were really lucky and find something, it was ridiculously expensive and rare.

For me, veganism is immensely related to the environmental conversation. I wish I could sit here and write about how I am a full time vegan but that is not the case for this lady. At least not yet. How I see it is, every one of us have to find the best option for ourselves. An option that is accessible, healthy, realistic and ultimately sustainable. Otherwise, what's the point, right?.

Always keep in mind, not EVERYTHING is about carbon dioxide and emissions. There are also other factors that influence the negative outcomes we are experiencing today. How many cars we have at our house?, how many products we buy and from where?, how often do I fly?, do I know what is in the products I use?, and there are many more we could ask.

The negative effects we see on the news or the ones we can feel daily are not created in its entirely by industrial emissions, by lack of renewable energy investment or the absence of national environmental education programs. These issues are DEFINITELY important and must be addressed by every sector. But, what about our daily choices?, what about those issues we can actually influence short term?

On your daily life:

Are you doing something to protect the environment?

How are you positively contributing at home and where you live?

What do you choose when it comes to food, transport or wastes?

In he city where you live, is environmental protection promoted?

I encourage you to reflect on these questions and practice a bit of self-awareness on the real impact of your daily choices.

I talk about everything as your decision because at the end of the day it is up to us to choose whether to separate or wastes or turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Wasting food or eating meat. To use public transport or carpooling. Those are all our daily choices.

Although the positive of it all is, that we can always (and immediately) choose the better way to do things!.

So I'm sharing 6 tips that have helped me a lot when it comes to make better choices and create a positive impact on our environment.

El parque de los patos. PHX, AZ. Photo by DB.

  1. Leave your reusable bags by the front door. It is the only way for me to make sure I don't forget to bring my bags with me when I go grocery shopping.

  2. Assign a spot in your house to collect and separate your wastes. Do not worry, you will not have to spend a ton of money for this. You can always use what you have on hand, a cardboard box or a bag will do the trick.

  3. Use your company's transport service, public transport or carpool. I know this one can be a tricky one and depends on several factors. However, if you can do it, give it a go!.

  4. Volunteer yourself as the official waste collector for your family. Believe me this is pretty great. Your family will appreciate the help and it can be fun to teach the kids how to separate your waste. (Word of advice: check for liquids in the wastes, it can get quite stinky in your car).

  5. Support local business. There are always local entrepreneurs, so start looking around for your favorite items made right there in your town!.

  6. Be the difference. Use the resources you have or find the ones you need to spread the message. Teach your community how they can also contribute. Promote environmental awareness and good practices. Keep in mind that its always best to Walk the Talk, so let's start walkin'.

Finally, I would like to remind you that everything is always better when it's FUN. So find the way to make it fun for you and it would make the biggest difference.

Please let me know in the comments if you try one of these tips and tell me how it turned out. I'd love to read it!

See you on the next one!

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