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Is Zero Waste living possible?

Today I stumble upon a video of an incredible family that makes zero waste living look like a breeze.

It makes me so happy when I find success stories around the world about people that have figured out the key to a good and healthy lifestyle.

Of course I can also understand people that live in places or are in circumstances that don't necessarily make these choices very affordable or at times even possible. All we can do is our best with what we have. That works too!

Please let me show you the video:

What do you think? Isn't that cool?

I think so!

After watching this family I just want to find my nearest wholesale store (hopefully inexpensive) and get shopping with my mason jars and glass bottles in hand.

If you start googling you can find all sorts of examples on zero waste living, I encourage you to try and find your best fit and don't feel bad if there are things you can't apply for yourself. The key is finding what works for you and make it fun and easy. That way it'll stick!

Remember that creating new habits is about persistence and commitment.

So start googling and have fun!

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