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Mindfulness is a Superpower

I've been a bit absent from my page during this last month. I don't really know the reason why, all I know is that I'm done feeling bad or forcing myself to write. Especially during this time of deep introspection and stillness, when the world slowed down and started finding the beauty of "small things".

I allowed myself to find and enjoy the little things as well. The time to write if I wanted to write, the time to read, listen to an audiobook or a podcast. Make time and space for a dance break or watch YouTube. Enjoy a movie or just go to the terrace and watch the sunset.

And apparently this is what my soul needed most days:

And it's OK!

During this time, I decided to just enjoy everything. I listen more to my own body and pay extra attention to my reactions and triggers.

What creates pain or anger?

What gives me joy?

Let me tell you, it has been working!

I am not as tough on myself as I used to be. I'm kinder to myself and to the people "around" me. Is it easy? Heck no! Not everyday. But it is SO worth it to live more deeply. More mindfully.

How can we "create" consciousness in our lives?

* Practice mindfulness in whatever way works for you *

For some people it may be when they listen to music, while dancing, painting, cooking or eating. There are so many options. It's not just about sitting in silence and meditating while you're burning incense. Although that works for some folks.

Mindfulness is about doing what you're doing in a conscious and aware state. Create a space for you to start your mindfulness practice and get comfortable with yourself. Learn to listen to your body and intuition through this practice.

Mindfulness completely depends on your OWN experience and what you create.

Please watch this amazing short video on Mindfulness as a Superpower:

I'd love to know what's your favorite mindfulness practice and how it's changed your life.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one!

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