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The spiritual path. Is it worth following?

If you read my post called Lessons are everywhere: Finding a rainbow in the storm, you already have a clue on what I think about having a spiritual practice. But I'll tell you a bit more on this later.

There are a number of amazing books, articles, podcasts, videos and websites that highlight the importance of creating a space in our lives to stop and take a moment to connect with our inner Self. Throughout different posts I will be talking about all those sources of wisdom available out there for guiding us in this path. But right now I want to talk about one particular book, and what was my very first "encounter" with the spirituality world. I'm talking about Miss Oprah Winfrey's What I know for sure. I truly believe this book found me more than I found it.

One day I was walking through the aisles of a local bookstore when I stopped at one of the shelves, chose one randomly and decided to take it home with me. Why not? Must be good I thought, It's by Oprah!


Miss Winfrey is who she is for a good reason. She's very good at making you relate to her and her story. And if she can do what she's done, that means we can all do it. Starting from the principle of paying real close attention to life's clues. Listening to stories, learning from someone else's lesson and especially our personal lessons. She also conveys her love for nature as you can "feel" it in her words. That my friend is a spiritual practice. Or an example of what a spiritual practise can be. Talking a moment in your day to pay attention to universal clues. Enjoying the world's wonderful beauty which is everywhere around you.

Reading What I know for sure, provided me with a clue for what was coming. The wonders, the miracles, the incredible improbabilities. That's when I started, unintentionally perhaps, my own spiritual journey. Finding the hidden gems of wisdom and learning what I can from them.

Is is worth it? Oh heck yeah! Every day I thank God, the Goddess, the Universe, the Infinite Spirit everything that's given me. Starting from the ability to appreciate every moment.

As you'll learn, there are many spiritual paths you can follow. And you will find the one that's for you. So open your eyes and ears, and pay attention to the message.


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