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Hello world and welcome!

I like to take a few seconds to appreciate this moment.

*breathes deeply and exhales*

Thank you for stopping by and giving me the gift of your precious time.

Today I want to tell you a short story about me.

I live in the north of Mexico, a part of the world where you can find good people, very warm weather, lots of baseball fans and a carne asada (bbq) at any time of any day. Oh and maybe a few cacti here and there, just kidding, a whole bunch of cacti.

A very typical carne asada in a town up in the mountains of México.

For many years I've wanted to have a space online where I could share a piece of myself and showcase the beauty I find looking around me. Also to share events and situations that fill my heart with awe and make me feel like I'm part of something far greater than myself.

I hope this space serves as a light for those dark roads we sometimes stumble upon, or at the very least it can paint a smile on your beautiful face.

With love,

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