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Your reality through belief

Constantly we are given the opportunity to make a decision. Every moment in time presents us with a choice. Have you noticed?

Why is it important to notice?

Because we make decisions even when we aren't thinking about making them.

Choices that influence how we feel, what we think, how we act, where we focus our attention.

They fill our days and shape our lives.

Please consider this: In your life, what experiences are you living? What kind of people are you meeting? How many "unpleasant" situations are you having? How do you really feel?

When I started paying attention to this in my own life, everything changed. Universal laws are universal for a reason.

We are choosing minute by minute where we want to be in the vastness that is life.

Who we want to be.

How we want to feel.

What we want to have.

What we want to put out to the world.

What do you choose in that moment?

Do you choose to believe that voice that tells you you can't do a certain thing? Or do you decide to believe the distant whisper inside you that says go for it and give it a go?

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Do you believe the shadows or the light?

Do you believe your bills are many and it'll take you a long time to pay them off? Or do you decide to trust that the Universe or whatever you believe in is abundant and that is your divine right to be abundant and money comes to you easily? (but always putting the effort and working towards your goals of course).

Do you believe yourself to be scarce or abundant?

For everything in life: health, wealth, love, self-expression; we can make the choice and go for one path. And that path will either help you get to where you are destined to be by divine right or it'll take you to scarcity, sickness, lack, fear and doubt. But it all starts inside your head. Remember Oprah's words?

You become what you BELIEVE.

So what do YOU believe?

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This is not illusion or fantasy. This is spiritual law and it's here to help us fulfill our divine plan which is full of blessings and opportunities. Don't try to understand it with your mind. Live it and feel it.

Many inspiring souls have said it for hundreds of years and their teachings have stood the test of time for a reason.

Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching wrote prior to 300 B.C.:

The more knowledge you seek, the less you will understand.

Once you start paying attention and not trying to make sense of everything around you but trusting and believing, everything will change.

See you in the next one!

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